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Muslim Cadet Refuses To Remove Hijab, Military College Wipes Smug Grin Off Her Face

Despite the given freedom and rights, the Muslims have no honor for America and its tradition.

Even worse, very often they try to step on it and humiliate it.

However, our military men have no intention of letting this slip by.

One Muslim student from South Carolina who is planning to attend the historic military academy is trying to encourage the school to let her wear a hijab. As expected, the school denied her demand. The school where she is going to attend is active for 175 years. It has a certain dress code and every person has accepted it so far. The students need to be in uniform for the whole day on campus. Exceptions are made while swimming and they are allowed to have bathing suits.

However, this Muslim student dared to ask the school to disobey the tradition because of her religion and feelings.

The president of the academy stated: “The standardization of cadets in apparel, overall appearance, actions, and privileges is essential to the learning goals and objectives of the college.”

“This process reflects an initial relinquishing of self, during which cadets learn the value of teamwork to function as a single unit,” he added.

Absurdly, this Muslim student disobeys the decision from the school’s officials. She decided to file a lawsuit and she is supported by the terror-funded Council of American-Islamic Relations. The student even threatened to go through with the lawsuit if the school doesn’t allow her to wear a hijab.

This is just another way to weaken our tradition, rules, and history. It is unbelievable that the liberals are actually following through and support them, while the Muslims are disrespecting the country.

Instead of fighting for equality, the Muslims are abusing their advantage as a minority group and fight for personal demands.

The school announced that they would acquire her if she accepts the rule and comes bareheaded. Now, it is up to her to decide what happens with her future.

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Featured Image Source. H/T: Conservative Fighters.

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