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WATCH: Armed Antifa Punk Taunts Trump Supporters, Gets Brutal Dose Of Instant Karma

The famous group Antifa is well known for their violent actions.

However, it is really rare that we see them punished.

Finally, one member of the group got what he deserved.

During a peaceful Patriot Prayer rally for Jesus on December 23, 2017, in Portland, Oregon, the Antifa group decided to get themselves involved. Apparently, they wanted to gather donations. The members of Patriot Prayer made donations to Antifa in order to prove that they are willing to cooperate.

However, they were not aware that the donations will be used for weapons instead of clothes or blankets. Four members from Antifa decided to stop the peaceful event by trying to silence the singer at the event with noisemakers.

The Trump supporters tried to stop the thugs. One of the supporters stated: “Get rid of your weapon, get rid of your weapon. Yeah, he’s got a weapon right there.”

From the video, we can see that the thug tried to run and got hit by a pickup truck. One of the supporters stated: “I’m right over here, you can come and get me if you want.” That is what we call “instant karma.” He got what he deserved and we can hear that the supporters were cheering after he got hit. They were happy to see that finally, one of the members of Antifa got what he deserved.

However, the thug tried to blame the supporters for the incident. He went on social media and posted on the Facebook page “Refuse Fascism PDX.” He also shared a photo of his injury.

He wrote: “Patriot Prayer pushed me into the street and I had no choice but to run, was smacked by a truck retreating from mace and a lot of huge Proud Boys, just minutes after we expressed our leftist views, we were being pursued by the very people that just claimed to be about peace. They were smiling and cheering it and you’ll see when the footage surfaces that they essentially force me out onto the streets. I have been demasked by Portland police under threat of arrest. Here is a photo of the injuries.”

His whole story was totally false. Fortunately, we have the video to show us what exactly happened. Even the Facebook page where he posted disagreed with his statement.

As an Antifa member, he probably deserved more than a hit from a car.

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Featured Image Source. H/T: Mad World News.

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