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Gloria Allred, the famous celebrity attorney, is threatening an arrest!

Apparently, this Republican chaser used false allegations of sexual impropriety against Judge Roy Moore, in the case where she is representing Beverly Young Nelson. In this case, Nelson blames Willson that he sexually assaulted her 38 years ago and is proof, she’s using a yearbook as evidence the two knew each other.

Our source, America’s Freedom Fighterspreviously reported that the writing in the yearbook doesn’t appear to be written by the same people, with most of it having one style of handwriting using black ink and the other, besides being a different style, but also using different, blue ink.

In the interview where she was directly asked what she personally believes about the truthfulness of this information, she hedged her firm answers, probably safeguarding herself from many potential lawsuits if she gave her answer.

According to  Gateway Pundit, besides the people from Alabama state, even Nelson’s own stepson Darrel is calling for Allred’s arrest, mostly because he believes she’s meddling with the public elections with this case.

Market Ticker reported:

“Jesus, it’s that obvious and CNN ran this crap?

People need to go to ****ing prison for this. Now.

Yes, including Gloria Allred. The yearbook is an obvious forgery and she peddled it on national television; that needs to be good for disbarment and prosecution.”


According to Section 17-17-38 of Alabama’s election law, which states: “Any person who, by bribery or offering to bribe, or by any other corrupt means, attempts to influence any elector in giving his or her vote, deter the elector from giving the same, or disturb or hinder the elector in the free exercise of the right of suffrage, at any election, shall be guilty, upon conviction, of a Class C misdemeanor”, Allred is facing some pretty serious threat with imprisonment, supported on legal level as well.

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Featured Image Source. H/T: America’s Freedom Fighters.

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